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Whill C Review

When we reviewed the Whill M back in November 2017, to say that it didn’t light our fire was a fair assessment  Whilst it didn’t look like a wheelchair, it had a few issues that left us feeling that in balance, it was incredibly expensive for what it was. The Whill C has been developed to change all...[Read More]

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TGA WHILL Model C Powerchair wins prestigious Independent Living Design accolade

WHILL Model C, the multi award-winning powered wheelchair from TGA, has triumphed again with another prestigious accolade – the BHTA Independent Living Design Award 2018. Now in its 23rd year, t...[Read More]

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The Batec is known across the manual wheelchair sector for being a robust wheelchair add-on handcycle, with manual, powered and hybrid modes.  The Rio Firefly i...[Read More]

This is possibly the hardest review ever to be undertaken, writes Dominic, Lead Editor.  The Lovocco SillSave is so basic that there isn’t much to say about it....[Read More]

The Progeo Duke is a carbon fibre wheelchair in a market that’s is crowded already – both Sunrise and Invacare have the Quickie Krypton, Kuschall K-Series and C...[Read More]

The RGK Tiga Sub4 has been around a little while now – what makes the RGK Sub4 one of the most popular made to measure wheelchairs available?  We took a look at...[Read More]


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It’s always important to test a product linked to your wheelchair before you spend lots of money.  While wheelchair manufacturers offer test dri...[Read More]

It’s World Mental Health Day on 10 October – we want to explore the importance of talking, especially in a world where social media and di...[Read More]

Ever thought of starting your own business as a disabled entrepreneur?  Dominic has looked at the Stelios Awards for Disabled Entrepreneurs which is o...[Read More]

It is no secret to those of us who use a wheelchair – clothing doesn’t always fit in different ways.  Regardless of it being around the ab...[Read More]

For a while now we’ve all heard snippets about changes to how you might get a wheelchair from the NHS in England, personalised wheelchair budgets have...[Read More]

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It’s the IDPwD – International Day for People with Disability and we want to celebrate a...[Read More]

Invacare is expanding its tried and trusted Action family – known for its versatile folding ma...[Read More]

The winners of the inaugural AMP Awards have been announced following a glittering evening and award...[Read More]

It’s an odd day when I open an email and start exclaiming about a new graphene superstar.  In ...[Read More]

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